Málaga, no greater city

The capital of the Costa del Sol will accompany MCF on the left sleeve of the new official jersey.


14/07/2021 11:40

Málaga, a Great City. Yes, it’s a slogan, but it’s also a perfect reality. Málaga is a Great City for many reasons. Its beauty, its climate, its location... but above all for its people. Málaga is great because Malagueños and Malagueñas are great. With an open and friendly character, with a great capacity for work and sacrifice, they have built a city that is a global benchmark.

From now on, our teams will carry the Málaga name on their arms. The city hall’s support has been channelled through Promálaga, a public company that supports and promotes the growing business fabric of the city, the economic engine of the municipality.

Málaga, a Great City.

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