Málaga Forever visit Cádiz to take part in charity event

The team of Malaguista veterans participated in the ‘No Child Without a Toy’ campaign, a wonderful initiative undertaken in Cádiz last weekend.


13/12/2017 12:06


The Málaga CF veterans, together with the Association of the Three Kings of Cádiz, Cádiz CF Veterans’ Association and the directors of the Yellows’ Club, collaborated with this charity event, with the aim of supplying toys to all the children at the ‘Tacita de Plata’.

The event included a match held at Carranza stadium between the ‘Forever’ team and the Cádiz Legends, ending in a 3-1 victory for Málaga with Blue and White goals from Catanha (2) and José Juan Luque. Ariel ‘chino’ Zárate, former player of both clubs, visited after arriving from Argentina, and was one of the attractions of the match.

The spectators who went to the stadium did so by donating a toy, and enjoyed a fantastic day in Cádiz marked by solidarity and a great atmosphere.

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