Málaga Femenino and Genuine, together for International Day of the Girl

Málaga Femenino first team players Ruth, Postigo and Clo, plus members of the Genuine team, Tamara, Jenny, Silvia and Sara visited CEIP Manuel Garvayo where they talked about women and equality with the students.


10/10/2019 16:58

Every 11th October International Day of the Girl is celebrated worldwide, with the aim of giving women a voice and highlighting their fundamental role in society. To celebrate this event, Ruth, Postigo and Claudia García ‘Clo’ from the Málaga CF Femenino first team, as well as Tamara, Jenny, Silvia and Sara from Málaga Genuine, visited the children at CEIP Manuel Garvayo.

Accompanied by the head of the MCF Foundation’s Social Department, Sebastián Fernández ‘Basti’, and Málaga CF Femenino physiotherapist, Sara Sancho, the Blue and White players talked to the young students about the importance of instilling the values of equality from within sport. The power of women and their empowerment, as well as the willingness of all boys and girls to do what they want in order to achieve their objectives in the future. All this within an educational framework. In addition, the players who visited the school are characterised by having studied or who are still studying, as well as dedicating themselves professionally to football.

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26/05/2020 11:59 | Málaga CF Foundation

Thank you for protecting us

Málaga Genuine is perfectly equipped with masks provided by Fundación Andrés Olivares, which shows its solidarity with the ‘Mascarillas para toda Málaga’ project.