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Málaga fall against Granada in a match in which they deserved more

Málaga Club de Fútbol and Granada Club de Fútbol played the 22nd match of the BBVA League in Nuveo Los Cármenes (2-1).

It was a great start for Málaga Club de Fútbol with a move from Santi Cazorla, who ran the right wing and passed the ball which missed Seba Fernández and found Maresca, who then launched it to the Granada goal - although it was just a little high this time.
By keeping the pressure up in defence, the Malaguistas made the home side seek out more direct transitions with longer shots and combination moves from their forwards, who then began to cause some problems for the defenders as Willy Caballero was forced to wheel-out a great save.
20 minutes in and the game was proving to be a busy one with both teams having various opportunities and a very direct style of play from the likes of Jara for Granada and Buonanotte for Málaga. But from that moment, Málaga began to dominate, robbing Granada of the chance of playing as they would have liked. Around this time, one of many great chances Málaga had in the first half an hour of the match came from a header by Demichelis, following a Cazorla corner, although it was ultimately stopped by Julio César.
Granada were able to shake-up Málaga’s dominance a little with three consecutive corners and various moves by Ighalo and Martins, but without achieving a lead on the scoreboard.  The Blue and Whites then began to pick up pace towards the end of the first half, that finished with a goalless draw.
In the first few minutes of the second half the Granada players tried to surprise the Malaguistas with a shot from Martins from outside the penalty area which Willy managed to save perfectly.  However, one of the best moments of the first 10 minutes was a bicycle kick from Salomón Rondón which resulted in a narrow miss as the ball clipped Julio César’s left goalpost.
Then, in minute 57, Granada managed to secure a lead on the scoreboard after Martins allowed Mikel Rico to pass to Ighalo who battered the Malaguista goal.  With a one goal advantage, Granada sought to ride the wave of the support that they had in the Nuevo Los Cármenes, but they were unable to produce any more clear chances for the time being.
However, Malaga upped their game and controlled the ball, causing moments of danger around their opponent’s goal, especially when Rondón, who was unable to convert his first move, secured a great goal following Toulalan’s recovery of the ball who passed it to Monreal.  20 minutes until the final whistle and it was a one-one draw and everything was to play for.
The match was one which could have had many different endings, although its fate was decided with a shot by Iñigo López that Caballero had previously deflected.
Once more Granada found themselves with an advantage on the scoreboard and with a one man lead on the pitch as Demichelis was sent off just seven minuets until full time, making the Malaguistas’ job of equalising even tougher; something that they, ultimately, weren’t able to do.
In the end, it was a victory for the home side, and Málaga maintain their eighth position on the BBVA League table with 28 points.
Match details
Granada CF: Julio César, Nyom, Siqueira, Ighalo (Fran Rico 86’), Iñigo López, Borja Gómez, Dani Benítez (Enrique 70’), Jara, Mikel Rico, Martins (Uche 84’) and Yebda
Málaga CF: : Willy, Gámez, Demichelis, Weligton, Monreal, Cazorla, Toulalan, Maresca (Recio 70’), Buonanotte (Duda 61’), Seba (Juanmi 80’) and Rondón
1-0 (57’): Ighalo. 
1-1 (67’): Rondón.
2-1 (81’): Íñigo López.
Mateu Lahoz. Cards for the homes sides’ Mikel Rico, Borja Gómez, Yebda and Nyom; and for Málaga’s Jesús Gámez and Demichelis (red card)
the 22nd match of the BBVA League played at Nuveo Los Cármenes stadium.