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Málaga CF wins second youth Champions Cup

Málaga CF’s División de Honor Juvenil team wins the XXII youth Champions Cup of Spain, held in Vera (Almería), in a thrilling penalty shoot-out against Sevilla.

The match was extremely even throughout the 90 minutes of play, which ended in a 0-0 draw after normal time.  The defenders kept the attackers at bay, and there were hardly any approaches to the goal area, strongly defended by Samu Casado (MCF) and Soriano (SFC).

However, everything changed in extra time.  An electric 30 minutes in which Sevilla took the lead with a goal by Adriano (1-0, 100’), and in the second half of extra time, Moroccan-born Nesyri equalised with a fantastic header following an Arturo corner (1-1, 109’).  With the scoreboard even, the match went to penalties.

At the penalty shoot-out, the giant figure of Malaguista goalkeeper, Samu Casado emerged, saving two penalties, and together with another miss from Sevilla, plus Blue and Whites’ goals from Manu, Arturo and Castillo, Málaga won by 0-3.

This is the second youth Champions Cup title for the Club.  The victory for Sergio Pellicer’s team follows that of Manolo Fernández’s boys, who also won the title in Cambrils (2003).  It’s a double prize now, as the División de Honor Juvenil boys will compete in the next Youth League, the youth version of the Champions League.

Congratulations boys!  You’ve made history!


Match stats: Sevilla 1-1 Málaga (0-3 win on penalties)

Sevilla FC - Agustín López: Soriano, Gonzalo (C), Juanmi (Núñez 111'), Eliseo, Felipe, Yan Brice, Miguel Martín (Adriano 92'), Genaro, Mena (Pozo 95'), Rubén Colmenero and Víctor (Javier Pérez 65').

MÁLAGA CF - Sergio Pellicer: Samu Casado, Ramos, Damián, Álex, Gabri, Arturo (C), Ontiveros (Echu Rodríguez 116'), Castillo, Nesyri, Kuki Zalazar (Manu 98') and Santi (David 74').


1-0: Adriano (100'); 1-1 Nesyri (109')

Penalty shoot-out: 0-3 (Manu, Arturo and Castillo for MCF)


José Antonio Sánchez Villalobos.  Yellow cards were shown to Sevilla players: Juanmi, Eliseo, Yan Brice, Miguel Martín, Genaro and Adriano; and for the Malaguistas: Ramos, Arturo, Castillo and Nesyri.


Final of the XXII Champions Cup, held at Las Viñas Municipal Stadium in Vera, Almería.