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Málaga CF takes the floor

Ten players from the Malaguista team took part in a media day prior to the promotion playoff to LaLiga Hypermotion.

This afternoon, Málaga CF took part in a very special 'media day', prior to the playoff for promotion to LaLiga Hypermotion. After the first training session of the week, which took place at La Rosaleda, Alfonso Herrero, Gabilondo, Juande, Juanpe, Víctor, Genaro, Roberto, Nelson Monte, Dani Lorenzo and Sangalli spoke to the media at Martiricos, where they were able to learn about the group's vision for the upcoming tie against Celta Fortuna.


Alfonso Herrero

“What you breathe inside the dressing room, for me, is summed up in the word commitment. This is a dressing room full of Malaguismo. There are people who have been here all their lives and have passed it on from one to another. Those of us who are from here and those of us who are not from here have been able to see this for ourselves, the values ​​that Málaga has. We are all united, and this team is going to represent the values ​​of Malaguismo well in the playoff.”


“The truth is that we are very confident in the work we’re doing. This is thanks to the boost from the recent two wins, reaching third place, with the path we’re on and, above all, with a great desire to achieve that long-awaited promotion. We can’t wait to play that first game and to return to La Rosaleda, which is going to be a key factor in the tie.”


“We all had this moment in mind. It’s been a tough year, but we have known how to suffer and compete. We’ve had a great season and now comes the moment of truth. We have to be ready and give our all to achieve that goal that we all want so much. The team is eager, bursting with enthusiasm. We’ll fight to the max to achieve that long-awaited promotion.”


“You don't have to say anything to the fans. Just thank you for having been with us throughout the year. The best is yet to come, the most beautiful, and we are going to fight to achieve a victory in this game, in the next and achieve that promotion that they so deserve.”


“The fans have already proven to be of another category. We have the incentive to give them that joy in the coming weeks. I hope they can enjoy the game and the result in each match. We want to do it for them because they make a great effort every week to support us here at home and for all our away games. This promotion is going to be down to them.”


“Now comes the beautiful part. These last four games ahead of us are going to be nice, but our priority is Saturday. We have all five senses focused on the Celta game. We are going to go with everything to win. We want to get a good result, which away from home is important.”


“The moment of truth has arrived, the beautiful thing, what everyone wants to play and see. Every game is going to be a final. We know that in every game, both the first leg and the second leg, we are going to have the fans supporting us. Let's give it our all. We have to go there to win the match. We’ll have 30,000 souls here who are going to carry us through to pass the tie.”

Nelson Monte

“We have prepared for a year to reach this moment and we’re ready for what’s coming. We’ll play for what we’ve been fighting for for an entire year. Now we are going to the playoff in the best way, prepared to win the game.”

Dani Lorenzo

“I see the team doing very well, we come from two victories that were much-needed and important. The regular season is over and we have four finals left. The team has a clear head, knowing that we are facing a historic opportunity. We are convinced we can do it and our confidence is high. Even though there are difficult moments in the playoffs, if we maintain that unity between the club, the team and the fans, all together, we will achieve our goal.”


“We are preparing for this match. The Celta reserve team is a very competitive team, they have many high-level and high-quality players, players who have been with the first team during the season and who give them a leap in quality. We have experience from the season against reserve teams and that has to be noted. We have the measure of them a little and it will give us strength to face the match. We have to focus on our game and play the best match we can and achieve victory. The only objective is promotion. Let's fight with everything we have, with a great deal of desire and a lot of hunger.”