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“Málaga CF needs Málaga’s support”

Judicial administrator, José María Muñoz stated to the media: “I’m envious when I speak with other managers and see there are other cities that are a little more involved with their team”.

A healthy Club

“The Club is pretty healthy, that’s to say, everything that had to be done has been done. What Málaga CF needs is to receive all outstanding payments; the loan to the Al Thani family, payments from Villarreal CF and others that have been featured in the press. If we could achieve all that, Málaga CF would have no problems as it stands. There are two types of equation in LaLiga for which we have been sanctioned, one is in relation to the books and the other the percentage of the turnover. If the books are balanced, there would be no problem regarding the salary limit. Also if we had a higher turnover. This is why it’s crucial people become a Patron, that they join the Playing at Home initiative or any other type of sponsorship. We have many products. In fact, we are basically cold-calling companies”.

The importance of business collaboration

“Here I refer to businesses in Málaga. I don't want to stigmatise them, I know they’re having a hard time. Perhaps in a few years all this will be resolved and companies will want to return, but now’s when we need their help. The truth is we had greater success getting sponsors on the jersey than last season, we couldn’t believe it. Some of the firms are from Málaga, making an immense effort, which is what we need. This, as well as boosting our financial position automatically increases the salary limit”.

Málaga CF needs Málaga

“Fundamentally, Málaga CF needs Málaga’s support. Institutions, businesses…don’t tell me I’m doing a good job, I’m not interested in that. What I want is for them to come here and sponsor us. I’m envious when I speak with other managers and see there are other cities that are a little more involved with their team. For Málaga, as a city and a province, it’s highly important to have a team not in the Second Division, but in the First. The economic impact this would entail would be impressive”.

The involvement of sponsors and SMEs

“Everyone feels very Malagueño and Malaguista, but Malagueñismo is shown in this kind of support. There are businesspeople who when we explain the advantages to ‘Playing at Home’, tell us they don’t care, all they want to do is help Málaga. It surprised us. We even have greengrocers backing us. With all due respect, they have to work long hours and make a big effort to earn a decent salary, but they are supporting us. Workshops, hair salons, many retail businesses that are proud to help the Club.”

BlueBay case

“In regard to the advertising contract that BlueBay had with Málaga CF, the first thing we did is to check whether it was shown in the Club's accounts and, therefore, in the annual accounts, and we verified that it wasn’t. I informed the court and, among other things, what I want to know is what information was exchanged between the directors of the Club at that time and BlueBay. I filed an injunction to BlueBay to pay us. The only thing I have received up to now has been a burofax saying where their address is. I am awaiting information from the police. If they confirm I am correct, then I’ll have to start legal proceedings”.

Utmost confidence in Sergio Pellicer

“The coach Manolo Gaspar wants for next season is Sergio Pellicer, and I have nothing more to say. Sergio Pellicer is also the coach for me next season, no doubt about it. We’re waiting to determine what salary limit we have to be able to offer him the best possible contract. There are no doubts about him, he has our total confidence”.