Málaga CF Grand Prix

The Blue and White first team and coaching team enjoyed a great day together at the Kart Center circuit in Campillos. Later they dined in the Málaga town of Pizarra.


16/05/2019 10:57

An adrenaline-fuelled day spent relaxing with the family. This was Wednesday afternoon for the Málaga CF players and coaching team, who wanted to enjoy a special activity together on this week’s day off.

The Blue and White bus arrived at the Kart Center around 18:30 in Campillos, around an hour from Málaga capital. Following the initial safety talk, all the players, with the exception of Koné, Juankar and Kieszek, got into the karts to start the competition. The entire coaching team with manager, Víctor Sánchez del Amo at the helm, also took part.

After an hour and a half of races divided into two groups, it was time for the grand final with the top 12 drivers competing. Miguel Torres was proclaimed champion in Málaga CF’s I Kart Tournament, closely followed by Fede Ricca and Álex Mula. Seventh place in the grand final went to Víctor Sánchez del Amo, who showed his skills behind the wheel.

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