Málaga CF Esports kicks off the domestic competition

The Malaguista representatives in the virtual FIFA competitions, Eleven Gods, kick off their journey in the VFO national tournament tonight.


19/04/2021 17:38

It’s a special day for Málaga CF Esports, which via Eleven Gods begins the FIFA 21 VFO League (Virtual Football Organization). Our ‘Pro’ Club, competing in the ACF Champions League, debuts in the competition tonight, facing Levante UD Esports at 22:50.

The second match is taking place tomorrow, also at 22:50, against Spanish Kingdom, with this week’s competition ending on Wednesday against Hércules CF Esports at the same time.

Already immersed in VPG (Virtual Pro Gaming) on a national level, and the ACF (Association of Cyberfootball) Champions League, Málaga CF Esports now enters the VFO domestic tournament.

Lots of luck!

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