Málaga CF enjoys Fiesta del Deporte

The Blue and Whites took part in the event organised by Málaga City Hall, at Polideportivo de Ciudad Jardín and El Romeral football ground.


20/05/2019 13:02

The Club, represented by Badr Boulahroud, Hicham and Sebastián Fernández Reyes ‘Basti’, attended La Fiesta del Deporte organised by Málaga City Hall. Throughout last weekend, and in more than 50 points in the Costa del Sol capital, it was possible to practice different sporting activities, free of charge, with the sole objective of having a good time, bringing sport closer to society.

The relationship between Málaga CF and the capital’s city hall has always been historically close. In sport, particularly football, there is an extraordinary bond in which Blue and White values applied fundamentally to young people, are both necessary and common objectives.

Malaguista first team player, Badr Boulahroud headed to Polideportivo de Ciudad Jardín on Saturday afternoon to open a futsal tournament taking place at the facilities. The Moroccan player said to MCFTV that “it’s very important for the kids to practice sport with respect and values”, in a healthy, sportsmanlike way. Specifically, in regard to the latter, special emphasis was made by Plataforma 0-90, which is fighting for zero violence in football. Something which Hicham also advocated during his visit to El Romeral on Sunday morning. “It’s important that the kids practice sport and lead a healthy lifestyle; they must after themselves, eat well and always show respect on and off the pitch”, he affirmed.

Basti, also stressed that City Hall’s Plataforma 0-90 “goes hand in hand with the Foundation”, stressing that “the values in sport are highly important, which is what we do, convey these values within our own youth ranks and our school. The insults that are seen on the pitch must be eradicated, so everyone can enjoy playing sport, which is what they like doing the most”, said the face of the MCF Foundation’s Social Department.

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10/02/2020 21:36 | Málaga CF Foundation

Carnival, carnival… Blue and White carnival!

The stalls of the Cervantes Theatre were adorned in the Málaga CF colours. Fans responded to the call from the Carnival Foundation and the Club and filled the stalls with Malaguista shirts.