“Málaga CF comes before anything else”

The Malaguista judicial administrator, José María Muñoz spoke to the media at the ‘Juan Cortés’ press room at La Rosaleda: “Some people spend all day offering me advice, what we need is sponsorship”.


25/02/2021 17:46

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“There have been many requests for interviews. I know there has been some criticism about an appearance I made at an event, but there’s something I want to make very clear. We have Don Francisco Martín Aguilar, Paco representing us all. He is the Club’s institutional representative, and he carries Málaga more in his heart than in his head, as if he didn’t, he’d do other things. He accompanies the team, is the go-to person in terms of representation, but he isn’t involved in the daily management of the Entity. The daily management is undertaken with institutions and businesses, that's why I attend this type of event”.

Institutional relations

“Relationships with LaLiga and the RFEF were somewhat lost and needed to be recovered. Proof of this is, thanks to the institutions – City Hall, Junta de Andalucía and Diputación – we’ve had three important events such as the promotion to 2ª, the SuperCup and the final of the Copa de la Reina. There is no contradiction here. If I have to hold discussions with any of these institutions I will. Málaga CF comes before anything else and if I have to argue I will, I’m not here to make friends”.

Support from sponsors and SMEs

“I’d like to give very special thanks to our sponsors, who have never abandoned us. Not just the main ones, but all the sponsors and collaborating companies. The MBC is like family and are always by our side. We’ve launched the ‘Playing at Home’ campaign for small and medium-sized businesses. We have hair salons, workshops, consultancies, lawyers etc. Some people spend all day offering me advice, what we need is sponsorship”.

The Club is not for sale

“Málaga CF is not for sale. However, people continue to say they have regular meetings with me and that I am behind the project. I do not endorse any project. I have no interest in who remains at the Club when I leave my position. I do not defend any personal interest or that of any group, I only defend the interest of my role as a professional. After this great effort we’ve made, I would like the Club to be in the best hands, but that doesn’t depend on me”.

Presumption of innocence

“The removed board of directors, the Al Thani family, are innocent until proven otherwise. This is the case according to Article 24 of the Spanish Constitution, presumption of innocence. Until the judicial procedure is complete, they are not guilty”.

Efforts to survive

“All the measures, as you already know, must be adopted - the resolution of the rental contracts of the Al Thani family, the departure from the Olympic stadium – several adjustments which haven’t been through the judicial procedure such as the first ERE and the second ERE. Thanks to that we have a positive cash flow situation we can control”.

Additional problems

“In addition, we’ve found close to €2,000,000 of extra claims we weren’t counting on. The last one corresponds to a claim from TAS 48 hours ago corresponding to a problem involving Amrabat. They have issued us with a €500,000 fine. These are additions that are not mere obstacles, they are large trucks in the road that we cannot pass”.

The fans are essential

“The fact the matches are behind closed doors – I believe with the fans we’d have seven or eight more points – has meant a financial loss, which we’re fighting against. I would like to thank the fans for their tireless support, they are all incredible. The Malaguista peñas, the ‘grada de animación’, our season ticket holders, particularly the ‘+ Viento y Marea’ holders, those who have renewed their VIP tickets and the Malaguista Patrons. The love and support we receive gives us such a boost”.

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