Málaga and Acristalia, a window with a view to the future

The company specialising in enclosures renews with the Blue and White entity for another season. The Club thanks the firm for its commitment and Malaguismo for another year.


01/12/2019 16:22

It’s not about closing spaces, even if they are specialists in glass enclosures. Acristalia’s aim is to create new spaces, wide, open, habitable spaces. A window to the outside that lets in the light.

The firm’s trust in Málaga CF extends until 2020 and La Rosaleda, the home of all Malaguistas, will continue to enjoy its glass curtains.

With presence in more than 40 countries, Acristalia’s innovation and ambition to continue expanding fits in with the Malaguista values. With them, the Blue and White Club looks through a huge window to the future hand in hand. 

Thanks for your trust in us!

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