Love, solidarity and #SiempreFuerte

The third edition of the MCF Foundation’s gala was again a resounding success. The event moved and entertained everyone present, as they recognised the great work of the social organisation linked to the Club.


13/02/2020 17:33

The lights of the Museo Picasso Málaga Auditorium are dimmed, only the blue reflection of the huge poster announcing the ‘III #SiempreFuerte Awards’ lights up the stage covered by the pitch and featuring the Genuine Cup and shirt of this team as trophies of the Málaga CF Foundation. With crowded stalls and great expectation, a classical melody perfectly interpreted by Marina Rojas fills the room, as the blind singer opens the long-awaited edition of the MCF Foundation’s gala evening. As the music and emotion come to the surface, the #SiempreFuerte Awards begin, an initiative that gets bigger every year.

Journalist Cristina Zumaquero and the charismatic Blue and White legend who is now an indispensable part of the MCF Foundation, Sebastián Fernández Reyes ‘Basti’, hosted this emotional gala in which, after weeks of intrigue, the work carried out by José Luis Puche for these awards was unveiled. The Málaga-born painter explained his piece of work, an image of an arm with the gesture of Pablo Ráez. “An immeasurable example, which transcends generations”, Puche said about Pablo.

The visibly excited winners walked on to the stage to receive their awards one by one, a replica of the magnificent work by the Malagueño artist. Over the hour and a half duration of the event, there was an authentic mix of emotions experienced by everyone present, as well as all those watching on the Club’s YouTube channel. There was a special round of applause in memory of young Cristian, whose mother was present, the words of Paco Ráez, Pablo’s father and the superb anecdotes from the amazing Basti created a truly magical evening.

A new edition, that now makes three, of the night where we again heard the voice of Pablo Ráez and we smiled again, as he taught us how to do.

Siempre fuerte, Pablo.

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