La Rosaleda receives Best Stadium of 2014/15 award

José Manuel Mateos, president of the AFEPE presented the Málaga CF directors with the award during half-time in tonight’s match against Betis.


08/11/2015 03:09

On 21st October, the AFEPE announced the results of the vote for Best Stadium of 2014/15.  Federations from ‘peñas’ all over Spain named La Rosaleda the best sports stadium in the First Division throughout last season.


President of the AFEPE, José Manuel Mateos presented the Club directors with the award, with Board member, Nayef Al-thani; adviser, Al-Rajehi Ahmed Mahmood; and adviser, Vicente Casado at the head: “I would like to congratulate Málaga, the fans, the Federation of ‘Peñas Malaguistas’ for this award, and all the fans represented in the AFEPE,” comments the president to the media following the presentation.


Various factors are taken into account when winning this prize, as recalled by José Manuel Mateos: “We don’t just look at the facilities themselves, but also the treatment given is also valued, which Málaga and the Federation of ‘Peñas Malaguistas’ should be praised for.  La Rosaleda winning the best stadium award is very well deserved.”


Representing the Club, Francisco Martín Aguilar says of the recognition: “We’re all thrilled; we’re very grateful for this award and thank every ‘peña’ involved for making this possible.  However above all we thank our fans.  We must recognise and celebrate their behaviour, which led to us winning this award.”


Lastly, Miguel Molina, the president of the Federation of ‘Peñas Malaguistas’ is delighted with the recognition: “We’re overjoyed and very proud, thanks to the great work we do.  This is the second award we’ve received from the AFEPE; the first was Best Fans, and now Best Stadium.”