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Press conference

Kameni: “The results will come”

Malaguista goalkeeper, Carlos Kameni held a press conference this afternoon: “The dynamic can and will change” affirms the Cameroonian.

Tight schedule

“We’ve played three matches in a week at a very intense pace, so having a week to calmly prepare for Sunday’s match against (Athletic) Bilbao is good for us.”

Dynamic of results

“Of course, they can and will change.  We don’t always have to focus on the past.  Last season we started in the same way, and at the beginning with the arrival of the new coach and new players, the fans became more optimistic and we were talking about Europe.”


“I don’t think there’s any cause for alarm.  We must keep working hard because this group is of a high, quality standard, and the results will come.”

Next rival

“Athletic are a very good side, which they have shown over many years in local and international competition.  LaLiga isn’t easy, everyone must work hard to get out of the bottom part of the table, so we can be more relaxed and try and achieve our objectives.  Sunday’s match is going to be tough, and we’ll need to come out strong to claim the three points.”