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Joaquín: “Now we can dream about many things”

The Cádiz-born striker, Joaquín Sánchez, was the Málaga player speaking to the media in La Rosaleda’s press room today.

Joaquín’s statements:

(Málaga-Athletic). “It’s a very important match for Málaga at home as it will allow us to move forward.  It’s a game that could enable us to get the three all-important points to rocket us into the top-flight in the league, but it’s against a well-armed and difficult opponent. Whether they’re currently winning or not, you always have to give teams such as Athletic the utmost respect.  If don’t do things properly, they can make things complicated, these types of footballers can create a lot of danger.”
(A great personal moment). “In the preseason we worked very hard and I tried to get myself into shape one hundred percent.  I’m having some time on the pitch and that gives confidence and the team’s working well. This all helps on a collective and personal level.  I’m trying to enjoy it as I’m in a good place at the moment; I hope that it’ll last. I’m at ease and confident.”
(Big competition). “Apoño is the player with whom I’ve been training the most.  The last two games he’s not been called-up to play. The demands and the competition are great, and he’s fallen down, like some other teammates.  We try to do our best and that’s reflected on the pitch.  We’ll all benefit when the team does well. Apoño knows the level of play, and for Apoño, and for every footballer, it’s important that the squad progresses. The boss decides who plays and unfortunately not everyone can.  This year there’s lots of new footballers and there’s a good vibe.  Everyone wants to play and it’s important to be amongst the best:”
(Excitement). “Now we can dream about many things. The objective since we started was to try and get into the top positions, and to get used to being seen as amongst the best.  That gives you a bonus when facing games such as the one tomorrow.  There’s still lots to do, but at least now the team knows what it wants and where its wants to be.”
(Athletic / Bielsa). “They’re not going through their biest moment. They have a new manager and they’re not yet used to his concepts. But they’ve been playing together for a long time and they’re always amongst the top teams. We must take advantage of this time of uncertainty but remember that upfront they’ve got some great players.

(Spanish national side). “It makes me very happy when you ask me these things. I’ve spent many years being called-up and it’s always an honour when I’m asked to join the national side. It’s complicated for the group, even when you’re winning, it’s difficult. But I’ll always have that excitement. I’ve spent many years doing it and I know what it’s like to experience it.  And as long as I’m a footballer I’ll always have the desire to play again with The Reds, and help out wherever I can, but it’s still difficult.

For me it’s something important for my career. To see that come closer, and to see the teammates and Vicente del Bosque sharing the same idea would be like an amazing gift.  Right now the important thing is to carry on as I am, seizing the moment, progressing and if the opportunity comes up, be thankful because it would be a dream for any footballer.”