Javi Gracia: “I’m as excited as I was on the first day”

Málaga CF has renewed the contract of first team coach, Javi Gracia for the next three seasons: “Since the very first day I felt at home here.”


15/03/2016 15:17

During the press conference at La Rosaleda’s press room, Gracia was accompanied by Sheikh Nayef Al Thani, member of the Board of Directors; Club advisers, Francisco Martín Aguilar, Antonio Benítez and Abdullah Ben Barek; and sports director, Francesc Arnau, who is grateful to the coach for “the confidence he’s had in the Club.  This is a three-year contract, with the idea of giving a sense of stability with a medium to long-term project.  He is the right person for the job, he’s increased Club sponsorship and can continue doing the same as he was doing before.”

Press conference | Javi Gracia

(Grateful) “Firstly, I’m very grateful to the Club and very happy because my work is valued.  Since the very first day I felt at home here, which is what still makes me as eager now.  I’m thrilled to coach this great Club and looking forward to growing more each day.  That’s what keeps me going.”

(Excitement) “I’m as excited as I was on the first day, or perhaps even more.  I feel like another Malaguista and the fans have always made me feel that way.  We’ve been in talks for some time, not just about the present, but also the future, to enable the Club to grow day to day and be as ambitious as possible.  I feel I can identify with this way forward, which is why I want to continue.”

(Stability) “It is a three-year contract, and when things start, it’s with the aim of making it three years.  I have moved around a great deal throughout my professional career, and now my family and I are very happy here.  I’m grateful for this stability in a city like Málaga, and within a Club such as Málaga.”

(Ambition) The objective is to defeat Betis, it’s the right way to be ambitious.  I don’t think looking any further forward will help me, which is why I focus on each day at a time.  I feel very comfortable here, so we’ll continue on this path and see where we end up.  Today’s event is not going to distract me from the three points in play against Betis, as we need them.”

(Loved) “I feel valued on all levels, contractually and personally, and feel very loved, which is what makes me happy.  It can often be difficult from a coach’s point of view.  In the future we want to have as much stability as possible.  We’ll carry on along the same line and I think we’ll all work together.”

(Good work) The present time is a good time.  We can, and we have improved in many aspects.  We’re working well and can finish a good second season.  If I renew it’s for the interest of the Club.  I prefer to talk about the Club’s interest in me to avoid all types of speculation.”