Intense morning session in terms of quantity and quality of work

The Blue and Whites were in training for two hours this Tuesday morning at the Annexe. Like yesterday, Luis Hernández and Juankar trained at the same pace as the rest of the squad.


13/08/2019 12:39

Around 09:30 this morning, under an intense heat, the same players as yesterday afternoon were in training under the orders of Víctor Sánchez del Amo. Namely, 27 members of the team including homegrown players - Ismael, Juande, Cristo, Iván Jaime, Ramón and Hugo – plus Munir and two goalkeepers from the MCF Academy, Gonzalo and Alfonso (new). Luis Hernández and Juankar, for the second consecutive day, were training at full pace.

Another goalkeeper, Turkish-born Cengo was reincorporated into the group to undergo specific goalkeeping training. Meanwhile, Mikel again carried out solo continuous running outside the group.

Physical work in groups, mini-matches on a reduced-sized pitch and technical exercises with the ball made up the second, intense training session of the week.

Tomorrow, Wednesday at 09:30, Málaga CF will return to training at La Rosaleda’s Annexe.

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