“I’m expecting a good Zaragoza at a high-pressure stadium”

Malaguista coach, Juan Ramón López Muñiz held a press conference in the lead-up to #RealZaragozaMálaga: “It’s going to be a hard-going, difficult game, like many of this level we’ve seen over the season”.


12/01/2019 14:36


“The weeks are normal when you lose and when you win. We know what path we have to take, what we have to correct and what we have to improve, but we are also aware of these things when we win. One defeat in a competition of 42 matches is not a failure, it’s only a loss, just like one win doesn’t mean promotion, it’s another victory. Professionals have to stay far beyond the results”.

Real Zaragoza

“They started the first matches at a high level in terms of gameplay and results. Everyone assumed they’d be one of the teams at the top of the standings, what was surprising came later, which highlights the equality of the category. The team had some problems, when you have problems there’s more pressure, when there’s more pressure performance drops, when performance drops then the results worsen. You need a good result to keep your head up, they did so at home to Extremadura, maintained it with Sporting and, above all, they’ve maintained a high level of play and rhythm in the game. I’m expecting a good Zaragoza at a high-pressure stadium with fans who are behind their team for the 90 minutes. It’s going to be a hard-going, difficult game, like many of this level we’ve seen over the season. It’s a high level, we’re talking about teams that were recently competing in European competitions and now they have an aspiration, to return to the category that keeps you at that top level”.


“He brings honesty, professionalism, what we’re trying to do is bring in another player who can do their bit for the team. There’s a lot of competition for his position, which is good for the team as everyone raises their level. He has certain characteristics, we’re going to try and make the most of them for the benefit of the squad and for when it’s his turn to take part”.