Happy Birthday Ben Barek!

Abdallah Ben Barek El Antaki is celebrating his birthday today, Tuesday 2nd February. A Malaguista legend who represents the Club’s values of Memory, Commitment and faith like nobody else.


02/02/2021 09:56

On this day 84 years ago, a very special person was born in Morocco. During his footballing career, with CD Málaga, Ben Barek was an iconic player over 10 years, securing three First Division promotions in the 60s.

Off the pitch, for several decades his working relationship and sentimental attachment to the Club led him to be Málaga coach; 7-a-side coordinator within the Malaguista youth ranks with his so-called chiquitillos; honorary president of the Blue and White veterans together with his inseparable Antonio Benítez; Club adviser…endless roles that show his unwavering personal and professional love for our Club.

Last year wasn’t an easy one for Abdullah, nor the start of 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of his age, being a person at risk, he hasn’t been able to be in the offices every day at his beloved La Rosaleda. “If you’re OK, I’m OK”, his mantra he repeats year after year to the players, coaches, staff…Always with a smile, a sweet to give away and a never-ending compassion.

The pajarito will blow out his birthday candles today, someone who brings immense joy to the Malaguista Family. Happy Birthday Abdullah Ben Barek, we love you!

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09/05/2022 19:43 | Veterans

60 years is nothing

Abdullah Ben Barek and Ignacio Ibarreche met again last Friday at La Rosaleda, after six decades, making the most of the friendly between Málaga CF Forever and the CD Galdakao de Galdácano veterans.