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Gracia: “It was a great finishing touch to the season”

Following the last League match at La Rosaleda, the Malaguista coach says: “It’s been a good season, we went from less to more.”

A good season

“It’s been a great season for me, I think we went from less to more.  Securing eighth place fills me with satisfaction, but what makes me so proud is how we withstood the more delicate times all together as one.”

A great final

“We knew that the rival wouldn’t surrender on the attack, I think it was a far more disputed game than was reflected on the scoreboard.  It was a great finishing touch to the season, and we thoroughly enjoyed a well-deserved fiesta for everyone; the players and fans.”

Keep growing

“Now it’s time to enjoy what we’ve achieved and relax.  I think our team has the potential for further growth and to aspire to more, but from the same level of humility and caution that has always been conveyed.”

Good work

“I give this season a very high mark, but I prefer to acknowledge the work they’ve done (the players).  The commitment and dedication of this team until the very last day is undeniable.”

Recognition of the entire team

“There have been certain details enabling us to enjoy this match, helping players to meet specific goals, to feel more rewarded.  It’s a shame I can’t recognise those players who have worked incredibly hard all year and never got the opportunity; I remember them particularly today.  They’ve worked in silence, have endured not getting the chance for minutes on the pitch, and helped the team claim eighth place.”

Grateful to the fans

“Receiving the gratitude and joy of the fans fills me with pride.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to enable them to enjoy the game.  I would like to congratulate our fans, they’ve been a vital part of the functioning of the team, and I would ask them to never stop supporting us, as we’d miss them a great deal.”