Goals at the start of each half condemn Málaga in Mallorca (3-1)

The Blue and Whites suffered defeat at Son Moix in a match marked by goals conceded at the beginning of each half.


29/10/2020 21:29

Málaga CF were away to RCD Mallorca at Son Moix on LaLiga SmartBank matchday 9. The only time the Blue and Whites have played at this stadium before, in 2018/19, they beat the locals by 1-2.

Pellicer’s men arrived at this match following a streak of four undefeated matches, whilst the locals had only conceded a goal so far this season. There were four changes to the Malaguista starting-11 in regard to the last game, with Luis Muñoz and Ramón on the double pivot, plus Chavarría who returned to where was his home last season, and Yanis joined the attack.

From the outset, the Blue and Whites had the intention of pressurising the rival upfront, but suffered a crushing blow shortly into play. In minute 10’, Amath opened the scoring for Mallorca, finishing a pass from Valjent a few metres from the goal in a play that stemmed from a corner kick from the left. The goal spurred on the home side, who dominated this stretch of play, with Salva Sevilla channelling gameplay. In 24’, Mejías headed the ball into the hands of Manolo Reina from a Yanis Rahmani corner, that resulted in two yellow cards in the persistent one-on-one. For the remainder of the first half, Málaga felt more comfortable on the field of play, stopping the Mallorca attack in its tracks, with Escassi the subject of a possible penalty in 43’ that was dismissed by VAR.

The second half kicked off in much the same way as the first, with the Blue and Whites conceding a goal in the first minutes. In 50’, Salva Sevilla launched a free kick from the right that Raillo headed into goal. VAR revised the position of the central defender at the time of the shot and allowed the goal. Pellicer’s men had to pick themselves up from this adversity, as well as Caye leaving the pitch due to physical problems. Málaga narrowed the gap in 67’ thanks to a goal from Chavarría with a powerful shot from outside the area, preceded by play from Jairo on the right who had joined the match a few minutes before. The calm didn’t last long at Son Moix as Dani Rodríguez scored goal number three for the Red and Blacks in 73’, beating Juan Soriano from the front. In the final stages of play, both teams made changes but there were no dangerous approaches to either of the two goals.

Málaga CF remain with 14 points in LaLiga SmartBank after the first nine league games, with the next match taking place on Monday 2nd November at La Rosaleda against RCD Espanyol.

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MCF / J9 LaLiga SmartBank

3-1 Go Live
  • M. Reina
  • Valjent
  • Braian Cufré
  • Sastre
  • A. Raíllo
  • Dani Rodríguez (76')
  • R. de Galarreta (68')
  • Jordi Mboula (85')
  • Antonio Sánchez
  • Salva Sevilla (76')
  • Amath (85')


  • B. Oliván (77')
  • Fran González
  • Febas (69')
  • Parera
  • Marc
  • Franco Russo
  • Abdón
  • Alex Alegría (86')
  • Gámez
  • Lago Junior (77')
  • Aleksandar Trajkovski (86')
  • Luka
  • Juan Soriano
  • Matos
  • J. Mejías
  • Juan de Dios Rivas (45')
  • Iván Calero
  • Escassi
  • Caye Quintana (59')
  • Ramón Enríquez (86')
  • Yanis (75')
  • Luis Muñoz (75')
  • Pablo Chavarria


  • Jozabed (45')
  • Orlando Sá (87')
  • Jairo (60')
  • Alejandro Benitez
  • Gonzalo Cretazz
  • Cristian Rodríguez (76')
  • David Larrubia
  • Julio Martínez (76')
  • Cristo Romero
  • Alberto Quintana
  • David Lombán
  • Dani Barrio


Estadio de Son Moix


  • 1-0 (10'). Amath
  • 2-0 (50'). A. Raíllo
  • 2-1 (67'). Pablo Chavarria
  • 3-1 (73'). Dani Rodríguez


Óliver de la Fuente awarded Salva Sevilla (25'), R. de Galarreta (40') from RCD Mallorca y Luis Muñoz (58'), Matos (78') from Málaga CF.