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Press conference

Gabilondo: “We are all left with the feeling of wanting more”

The Málaga CF defender spoke in the press room following the match against Real Murcia at La Rosaleda. “We have to give value to our defence, even if we are having a hard time scoring,” he explained.

Match review

We are all left with the feeling of wanting more. Quite a controlled match, Murcia didn’t endanger us and they waited for us in a low block. It was difficult for us, we had many losses, there were actions that didn’t go in our favour and we want to get away from that.”


Possible penalty

It seemed live to us, the referee tried to lead the game as best as possible. Those actions can make you tilt the match.”


Even games

As the league goes on, we all know and analyse each other better. Murcia played a fairly defensive game, minimising our offensive weapons. There were few occasions and it was possible to focus on few actions.”


Reliable in defence

We went out to win every game and we wanted to give a good image. We were determined to win no matter what, Murcia had good dynamics and at home we were going to go out and win. We have to give value to our defence, we haven’t conceded for two games. Even though we are having a hard time scoring, we have to evaluate other aspects.”


Test for the future

These games are what make you prepare for the future playoff, they are a test. Murcia is coming in at a good time, difficult to get a hold of, a playoff game. We all know each other better and as time goes by it’s more difficult to score goals and they are closer. This helps us for the playoff.”