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Four good reasons to celebrate in Marbella

Málaga CF played against Almería, sealing victory in the first half with goals from Santos, Juanpi, Duda and a fourth from Nesyri in the second half.

The pre-season serves to gain pace, minutes and to arrive on form for the start of LaLiga, but winning and demonstrating good sensations is even better.  This is what Málaga have done this summer and against Almería tonight.  With just over a week until the moment of truth, the team had an outstanding first half, the icing on the cake being four goals.

The first goal was from Michael Santos, who launched a good pass perfectly read by Jony, to show great definition in front of goalkeeper, Casto.  It was then Juanpi’s turn to show his class, with an amazing goal outwitting the keeper.

Amid this impressive gameplay, Almería were awarded a penalty from an isolated incident.  However, Aarón also wanted to join the party with his teammates, and saved the penalty and the subsequent clearance with a 10 out of 10 performance.

Before half-time, striker, Charles put his number ‘9’ initials on the game, and after various close calls, scored a powerful header, with, again, assistance from Jony.  The Asturias-born player was another standout member of the team tonight, taking control on the wings and sending the ball to the area.

In the second half, Juande Ramos made some changes, bringing on young players including Kuki, Ontiveros and Moroccan-born Nesyri.  The striker represents more good news this pre-season, and sealed the win with an unstoppable left-footer at the base of the post.

The only unfortunate moment of the match was the expulsion of Weligton in minute 88, following a jump with a rival that the referee saw as aggressive.

The official season is about to start, and just one test is remaining: The Ramón de Carranza Cup, with Málaga’s final matches of the pre-season taking place on Friday and Saturday.



Málaga CF: Aarón (Samu Casado, 46’), Rosales (M. Torres, 46’), Kone, Weligton, Juankar, Kuzmanovic, Duda, Juanpi, Jony, Santos and Charles (Nesyri).

UD Almería: Casto, Iago Díaz, Quique, Pozo, Chuli, Corona, Dubarbier, Trujillo, Iván Sánchez, Morcillo and Joaquín.


0-1, Santos 

0-2, Juanpi

0-2, Charles

0-4, Nesyri  

Referee: Chavet García, Raúl.  Weligton was sent off in minute 88 with a red card.