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Atlético Malagueño

Fifth consecutive victory for Atlético Malagueño (1-0)

Atlético Malagueño are still in second place of Third Division Group 9 after defeating Alhaurín de la Torre by 1-0. Rufo scored the winning goal in minute 75.

Salva Ballesta controlled possession from the start and attempted to develop numerous gameplay strategies, however without creating clear goal chances at Loren’s area.  The only scoring opportunity in the first half was a shot from Mauri that found the net following assistance from Roy, but was disallowed by the ref for being offside.  Alhaurín de la Torre were very well positioned on the pitch, keeping their lines close together, and although they didn’t cause trouble on the attack, they also prevented the ‘Malaguistas’ from imposing their style of play.
In the second half the Blue and Whites posed more of a threat in the rival goal area, gaining confidence on set pieces and looking closer to success.  With 15 goals this season, it was Rufo in minute 75 who put the ‘Malaguistas’ in front as he converted a Pablo corner with a header into goal.
This is the fifth consecutive win for the Blue and Whites’ reserve team, sitting in second place in the group.  Atlético Malagueño are away to El Ejido 2012 next weekend, who this week defeated Atlético Melilla by 0-1.

Match stats
At. Malagueño: Aarón, Iván Rodríguez, Alberto López, Álex Portillo, Calero, Deco, Roy, Mauri (Ernesto, 57’), Rufo (Zalea, 87’), Pablo and Kuki (Rafa de Vicente, 65’).

Alhaurín de la Torre: Loren, Badillo, Víctor Rueda, Heredia, Domínguez, Asier, Dopico, Jesús (Pedro, 83’), Rebollo (Sandro, 78’), Eu and Darío (Juan Pedro, 65’).

1-0. Min 75. Rufo

Referee: Barba Ibañez, Miguel Ángel.  Yellow cards were shown to ‘Malaguistas’: Pablo (15’), Rufo (60’) and Rafa de Vicente (76’); and from the visitors: Darío (53’), Dopico (59’) and Asier (61’).