En-Nesyri: “There are many matches remaining”

The Malaguista striker was named MVP of #MálagaAtleti by Malaguista fans: “Thank you to the fans. They always support me.


12/02/2018 12:13

Málaga-based company, Joyería Marcos and multinational Brand, Hublot bring us the MVP of #MálagaAtleti, held last Saturday at La Rosaleda stadium.


“We do what we can on the pitch. We try our best to reach the area and score goals. As we saw, their defence retreated, and we didn’t manage to get to the area. Yet when we did, we weren’t successful”.


“They had the fortune of scoring in the first minute. Griezmann had the ball and he was most unforgiving. Following the goal, they barely reached the area. We dominated nearly the entire 90 minutes of play. In the second half, I tried to move back and leave the area in order to gain possession and run towards the target”.

Valencia CF

“There are many matches remaining and I hope we achieve a positive result in the next match against Valencia CF at home”.


“Thank you to the fans, they always support me. We continually have their support and presence. I hope they do the same again against Valencia. Hopefully we’ll get a positive result”.