Dioni: I really wanted to score with Málaga in the league

The Málaga CF forward, scorer of the second goal of the match, was one of the players who appeared in the mixed zone at Estadio Balear after the win.

Dioni Villalba, Málaga CF forward, spoke at Estadio Balear following the 1-2 victory against Atlético Baleares in which he scored the decisive goal.

“It’s an important victory. It’s difficult to win away from home, at 12:00 and with the heat. We have broken a streak by making a comeback away from home, we are happy about it and about the win,” he said.

He scored his first goal of the season against his former team: “The law of the ex-team usually happens. I’m happy for the goal and for the victory. I feel bad because it was my home for two years, but I am super happy to get the victory. This is Primera RFEF and we have to suffer.”

“It was the third matchday and I hadn't scored. I really wanted to score wearing the Málaga jersey in the league. I didn’t celebrate it out of respect, it's very much a second home, and inside I was happy,” he said about his scoring debut.

Regarding the weather conditions, he said that “the schedule was very bad at 12:00, it hurt them more than it did us, because we had the ball. We had many opportunities to score.”

Finally, when asked about the position he played, he commented: “Right now I would play as a goalkeeper, centre back or winger. I have fulfilled my dream of playing in Málaga and it’s an honour to be here. I have to do my best, each one of us must do our bit.”