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Demichelis: "We’re much more whole as a team in the two areas”

Málaga CF’s Argentinean defender, Martín Demichelis, spoke to the media in the Ciudad de Málaga Stadium’s press room on Tuesday.

Statements from Demichelis
Great draw with Madrid
“The point that we gained from this match, not only helped us with regards to numbers, but has also increased our morale.  We had clear chances at goal in the first half, but besides the result, it was very important to us that we were able to pose a threat to Madrid in the Bernabéu, where only Barcelona has been victorious.  However, despite our performance in that match, in 48 hours we’re facing Rayo, a team just three points from Europe”. 

Euphoria for the fans
“The euphoria surrounding the match in Madrid should be centered around the fans.  We need to focus on the Rayo match, although we’re all highly motivated, it’s going to be a fight with Levante with regards to League points, and within a few days, probably a few more teams.  We need to reflect on our experience, last year we were in the relegation zone, we played 11 matches, and finished in the first ten.  We need to be super concentrated for our match against Rayo to achieve our objective”.

Clear philosophy
“I think we’re now much more whole as a team in the two areas, with a powerful attacking force, which has allowed us to dominate the majority of our matches.  We’re always trying to maintain possession of the ball, which is vital for a team to be one of the greats.  The coach has always maintained the same philosophy, and the way in which the team is structured; going out on the pitch concentrating on defending isn’t what the players should focus on if they want to be a big team in the future.  He’s taught us to concentrate on this in every match, and over time has seen us achieve good results”.

Defensive midfielder
“Players in the League don’t know me in this position.  In the youth team I played in this position, and also in Bayern I was a defensive midfielder for four or five years, then I had a break for a while (laughs)…I haven’t got Toulalan’s lungs, but I like to play or have possession of the ball and it’s a position that I know and enjoy playing.  I felt very comfortable – in Madrid – and the most important thing is to be at your best when the coach needs you.  We all need to step up when necessary”.
Camacho / Toulalan pairing
“Ignacio is very active all over the pitch doing a very important job, he wins lots of tackles and is always well positioned.  A young player with a long future ahead of him.  With Jeremy, there’s not much to say, we’ve seen him since the beginning of the League, I don’t know what the coach thinks, but I believe they would make a good duo”.

The fans play a key role, we always value their support, and ask them to make the opposition feel they are the visitors, and we are the home team.  We’re progressing well, but cannot get complacent and believe we’ve already won the match against Rayo because we’re at home.  It’ll be a difficult, tight match till the end, we’ll need to be patient and play well for the 90 minutes”.