Dely Valdés: “We know the rival, now it’s time to prepare”

The Malaguista reserve team coach analyses the tie against Yeclano for Segunda B promotion to the Club media: “The first match can mark the tie” he affirmed.


14/05/2018 19:21

Eager to compete

“We were looking forward to it. The anxiety that comes after winning the league title with two matches remaining is normal. Now the playoffs have arrived and now’s the time to prepare”.


“They are an experienced rival with veteran players. I believe they are a worthy opponent. In the final stages of the championship we faced important rivals of this nature and managed to move forward”.


“I would have liked to play the second match at home, but in the end it’s a two-leg tie, 180 minutes and a lot depends on the first match. We’ll see how the initial game goes at our ground. This could mark the tie”.

Talking about... Atlético Malagueño

15/10/2018 10:52 | Atlético Malagueño / La Academia / Málaga CF Womens

MCF Academy match results

The Malaguista reserve team suffered a defeat at La Condomina against UCAM de Murcia CF, whilst Bravo’s Juvenil 'A' beat CD San Félix at Ciudad Deportiva de El Viso.

11/10/2018 13:28 | Atlético Malagueño / La Academia / Málaga CF Womens

MCF Academy match schedule

A weekend of tough away fixtures, with Atlético Malagueño visiting UCAM Murcia CF, and the Juvenil División de Honor team playing today, Thursday against Betis.