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Dani Lorenzo: “The team was solid”

The Blue and White midfielder appeared in the press room after the game against Recreativo de Huelva: “We had to play a match like this at home and today it happened; but we must have continuity,” he stressed.

Great collective and individual performance

“It was one of the games in which I have seen the most solid team, performing well with the ball and in defence. Except for the last stretch of the first half, we had them where we wanted. I notice that I am gaining weight within the team, I want to increase my confidence and I feel more and more important. Not in a selfish way, but I want to help the team, which I can do.”


A good start to being consistent

“We had to play a game like this at home and today it happened. A good game is worthless if you don't continue it next weekend, so we must keep working hard.”


Comfortable close to the area

“I like to be close to the area, link up with the forward and the last line. I feel very comfortable, it’s the position where I can exploit my strengths the most. But I adapt to the team and I am going to give my best wherever I am.”


A young team

“The team tries to be as consistent as possible; we are a young team that errs on the side of not killing the games well and of other football. As the matches go on, if we gain continuity the team will feel stronger. Not being as consistent as in today's game has taken points away from us.”