Cervezas San Miguel and their declaration of love for Malaguismo

“The feeling is forever.” The beer company has placed a huge canvas right next to Las Tres Gracias fountain with this beautiful message, with the fans as the stars.


09/09/2022 17:19

Cervezas San Miguel and Málaga CF have already celebrated their golden anniversary. More than 50 years together, where the affection has been publicly prevalent on countless occasions.

Once again, the multinational company from Málaga wanted to show its support for Málaga CF with the campaign “The feeling is forever.” To do this, the true protagonists of this feeling, the Loyal Malaguistas, got involved.

Cervezas San Miguel, together with MCF, called on fans to pose as models for this impressive campaign. More than 500 fans showed up for the prize draw, which produced the six winners: Cristina Bazalo, Iván Martínez, Juan Paredes, José Antonio Valdasquín, Josefa Robles and Álvaro Mostazo. These Blue and White fans can be seen in the heart of the city, next to Las Tres Gracias fountain in Plaza del General Torrijos.

Thank you, Cervezas San Miguel. Thank you, Loyal Malaguistas. Thank you for #LovingOurOwn.

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