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Málaga CF Foundation

Cervantes adorned in Blue and White

Malaguistas responded to the call from the Carnival and MCF Foundations and visited the Cervantes Theatre dressed in the Málaga CF jersey.

Stars shone in the third semi-final of the Málaga Carnival on the stage and in the audience. On the stage the street musicians and quartets performed; in the stalls, Blue and White glistened throughout. Dozens of fans headed to the Cervantes Theatre wearing the Blue and White shirt or Málaga CF scarves to bring a special, striking colour to a great night of carnival.

Those who decided to dress as Malaguistas responded to the call from the MCF Foundation, who carried out a prize draw to win three signed shirts, one from the male first team, one from the women’s first team and another from the Genuine team, among those at the theatre who were dressed in Málaga attire. What a response it was!

Representing Málaga CF were Club adviser, Francisco Martín Aguilar; technical secretary, Manolo Gaspar; and representative from the MCF Foundation’s social department, Sebastián Fernández Reyes, 'Basti'. Joining them was Rafael Acejo, president of the Málaga Citizens’ Carnival Foundation.