Casado: “We’re absolutely convinced that we’re right”

Málaga CF’s director general, Vicente Casado, held a press conference tonight at La Rosaleda Stadium.


21/12/2012 21:32

Vicente Casado
“We want to expose and fully explain the fine, as I’ve heard several versions being talked about.  Basically it is a fine of 300,000 euros, a one year ban from European competitions and a further four years if we qualify for UEFA, as well as an additional year’s ban if we do not comply with the requirements before 30th March.”

“We’re absolutely convinced that we’re right and have fulfilled our obligation.  This is a message to give peace of mind, as we know ourselves that we’ve done everything correctly and we’re right.  We’re very surprised at the reasons given and the decision that was reached.  We really don’t know why.  We can’t explain what has happened, and for that I am sorry.  The Club is going to appeal the fine issued to the ‘TAS’ as we are completely convinced that we are right.  We will do this as soon as we receive the reasoning behind UEFA’s decision.

“We have received advice from the best professionals in Spain.  This is a message to reassure our fans that Málaga CF will move ahead regardless of what happens.  We’re fighters both on and off the pitch; and we’re really suffering with this situation.  The Club has completely changed its strategy since the summer, to comply with the Fair Play regulations.”

“We want to confirm that all the players have received their salaries and all payments are now up to date.  A lot of incorrect information has been going around, and we get the impression that this is a case of harassment.  I want to make it clear that we have settled all payments to the players, Osasuna have been completely paid, and thirdly, ‘Hacienda’; this resolution allows the outstanding amount to be released.”

“We’re saying to everyone that the Sheikh continues to invest a controlled amount into the Club, and has recently put in a further seven million euros.  We want to reassure the fans that we are fighting to rectify this situation, and we know that we’re absolutely right.”