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Casa Mira is Playing at Home!

This business specialising in turrones and ice cream was founded in Málaga in 1890, has three locations in the province, and joins the ‘Playing at Home’ network of Malaguista SMEs.

Casa Mira, considered the oldest ice cream parlour in Málaga, joins the ‘Playing at Home’ family, bringing its experience, quality and success.

Established in 1890 by Severino Mira Cortés, who, from Jijona (Alicante), came to his native Málaga to market and manufacture turrón. The unique experiences offered by the family business have earned it a well-deserved reputation from the outset.

The base of their products is made from the best ingredients, which allows them to form unique creations and adapt to all the tastes and needs of their customers.

They are located in three areas of the province. In Limonar on Avenida Mayorazgo, number 22; in the centre on calle Císter, number 8; and on Calle Larios, number 5. The latter was opened after the Civil War by Alejandro, Prudente, Liborio and Teresa, Severino’s four children.

Contact each establishment:

  • Calle Larios, 5: 952 22 30 69
  • Calle Císter, 8: 951 97 89 90
  • Av. Mayorazgo, 22: 952 21 36 59

And of course, Loyal Malaguistas can benefit from all the advantages offered by the “home of all Malaguistas.” For more information, click here.

Thank you for joining the ‘Playing at Home’ network, Casa Mira. Welcome!