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Press conference

Carlos Puga: “It’s very easy to play here with the fans supporting you”

The Malaguista full-back, who made his debut in the starting-11, was one of the players to speak to the media after the match: “I am very happy to gain minutes, I felt very comfortable with my teammates,” he said.

Debut at La Rosaleda

“It’s very easy to play here with the fans supporting you. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced this, more than a year without playing in front of so many people. Very happy to add minutes, to continue playing as we did today. We must take each match a time.”


Debut in the starting-11

“You always have that doubt, every footballer wants to play when they join a new team. I was training very comfortably with my teammates, but the uncertainty is there. However, you have to think about what you are going to play to be prepared. He told me when I entered the dressing room. I’m focused and moving forward.”



“I don't like playing at a ground with a thousand or five hundred people, the more people the better. Today we won, but when you lose they give you encouragement. The more people come the better, I wish La Rosaleda had more capacity.”


Focused during play

“I experienced the Baleares match. From the inside I'm focused so I don't realise it, but when you see the fans’ support, it lifts up the entire stadium. I realised it on the bench, but when playing I didn’t.”


Difference playing home or away

“Playing at home is not the same as playing away, but we go to Melilla and bring in a thousand or two thousand people, in Granada five thousand. That's crazy. Away from home it may be more difficult to start off matches well, but we have to adapt to that.”


Regaining personal feelings

“I felt very comfortable, I haven't had a minute for three months and I felt it in my calves. That's to do with picking up the pace and accumulating minutes, if I play three games I can last. It was warm kicking off at midday, I felt comfortable with my teammates and am very happy.”