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Bueno: “We’re holding on to hard work and persistence”

Blue and Whites’ striker, Alberto Bueno appeared in the mixed zone following #LeganésMálaga: “We need to clinch that first victory to help us get out of this position”.


“We were hopeful in this match. It was a crucial game to boost our confidence and see if we could move closer to our rivals. It wasn’t to be, and we leave very despondent. The match didn’t go how we wanted it to, and we didn’t score the three points we needed”.

Hard work and persistence

“With every match that passes, there are fewer options, that’s obvious. We’re trying to hold on to the fact that with hard work and persistence, we can clinch that first victory to help us get out of this position. That said, the matches are passing us by and we’re not winning. We’re in a very difficult situation”.


“It’s normal that the fans are criticising us and aren’t happy. Things aren’t working out. We’re not scoring points. The situation gets more complicated as the matches progress. I accept any type of criticism. It’s important to be open to criticism. I’m self-critical, and that has to help you to improve. I can’t say anything to the fans. They’re helping us so much, yet we’re giving them back very little”.