‘Blue and White Values’ return to the classroom for the new year

Málaga CF first team player, David Lombán and member of Málaga CF Femenino, Encarni, visited CEIP María de la O de Los Asperones on this first day of the Values campaign in 2019.


09/01/2019 17:10

The arrival of 2019 means the return of the ‘Blue and White Values’ campaign to the classroom of schools in Málaga province, a project organised by the MCF Foundation and Obra Social ‘la Caixa’.

The stars of this first class of Values in 2019 were footballers David Lombán and Encarni, who visited the students at CEIP María de la O de Los Asperones. Both players shared their experiences as professional footballers with the pupils. The representative from the Social Department of the MCF Foundation, Sebastián Fernández Reyes ‘Basti’, and trainer-psychologist of Málaga Genuine, Fernando González led the day and accompanied the players.

Camaraderie, healthy eating and sport were the main themes discussed, with the students asking Lombán and Encarni all sorts of questions as they enjoyed a different school day.


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