Basti takes ‘Blue and Whites’ Values’ to his ‘school’

The legendary ex-footballer and member of the MCF Foundation’s Social Department, Sebastián Fernández Reyes, ‘Basti’, went back to his childhood school, accompanied by Michael Santos and Chelsea.


01/02/2017 20:11

The MCF Foundation’s Blue and Whites’ Values campaign, as always in collaboration with ‘La Caixa’, kicked off 2017 with a very special day for Basti. The charismatic former player served as ambassador of the Foundation at ‘Escuela Profesional Sagrada Familia ICET’, where he spent a large part of his childhood. “I’m delighted, many memories have come to mind. In this courtyard, we used our backpacks as goals and played football”, recalls Basti.

Malagusita striker, Michael Santos attended the event; MCF femenino goalkeeper, Chelsea; and assistant branch manager of ‘la Caixa’, Isabel Belda. Both players delighted the young fans by answering all their questions in a very relaxed atmosphere.

At the end of the day, Basti said an affectionate goodbye to several of his old friends at the school: “Today I return all the values you taught me. Passing them on to the little ones is a great pleasure for me”, he told MCFTV.

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