Autumn arrives at La Rosaleda’s Annexe

The Malaguistas were in training at their stadium’s facilities this morning, under the orders of Míchel. The last session before heading to Villarreal will take place tomorrow.


03/11/2017 11:44

Today’s training kicked-off with a video session, before moving on to the pitch at La Rosaleda’s Annexe ground. Once on the field of play, the players underwent an intense warm-up, with various exercises with and without the ball. The Blue and Whites’ coach then instructed his players to use the full pitch to work on strategic aspects of play.

Ricca, Kuzmanovic, Diego Rolan, Miguel Torres and Cengo trained in the gym today and continued with their respective recovery processes. Like in yesterday’s session, Torres stepped on to the pitch at the Annexe to focus on specific work, under the instruction of fitness trainer, Hugo Camarero.

Homegrown players, Kellyan (goalkeeper), Abqar, Meléndez and the usual Mula were part of first team training today.

The Malaguista squad will return to training tomorrow morning, Saturday (10:30) at the Annexe, before heading to Castellón in the afternoon ahead of Sunday’s match against Villarreal CF.