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Atlético Malagueño

Atlético Malagueño lose out on leadership following Vélez defeat (1-3)

The ‘Malaguista’ reserve team was defeated by Vélez in the fight for the top spot of Third Division Group 9.

Atlético Malagueño didn’t get off to a bad start.  They attempted to gain control of play in midfield, but the rival took advantage of various opportunities as space opened up in defence.  Following a Vélez counter attack in minute 6, Vergara opened the scoring, outwitting Aarón with a beautiful goal.  The visitors used their experience and began to cause trouble on the pitch, whilst Malagueño tried to dominate possession.  After 25 minutes Iván gave the Blue and Whites a shock when he was forced to abandon play as he suffered a blow, and was substituted by Pedro.  In the final minutes of the first half, Ruano’s boys began to be more dangerous to the rival keeper, however following a corner kick in minute 43, Oli scored the second goal of the match for Vélez, with the score board showing 0-2 at half-time.

Vélez CF kicked off the second half determined to maintain their lead.  The Blue and Whites’ reserve team continued to cause trouble, and both sides generated scoring opportunities.  Diego scored, converting a good combinative display by the visitors.  At 0-3, the visitors’ victory looked secure, however following a corner in minute 83, Mikel scored a goal for the locals.  The Third Division Group 9 leadership fight ended with a 1-3 defeat for the Blue and Whites.

At the end of the game, Manel Ruano analysed the defeat to the media: “I think it was a good game, a fair result, but I think the small details didn’t go in our favour.”

Match stats: Atlético Malagueño 1- Vélez CF 3

At. Malagueño: Aarón, Iván (Pedro 25’), Alberto, Luis, Mikel, Deco, Mula (Ayrton 73), Torras (Mauri 46´), Moreno, Kuki and Ontiveros.

Vélez CF: Francis, Damián, Benji, Lasly, Oli, G. Márquez (Arturo 71´), David, Alex Tejada, Emilio Guerra (Diego), Vergara and Pulga (Luis Vázquez 66´).


0-1: Vergara (6’). 0-2: Oli (44’). 0-3: Diego (78’). 1-3: Mikel (83’).


GARRIGOS MASCARELL, SENENT. Yellow cards were shown to ‘Malaguistas’: Kuki, Deco and Mauri; and from the visitors: Benji and Damián, and Alex Tejada was sent off with a double yellow.


‘Federación Malagueña ground.  10th Third Division Group 9 game of the season.