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Afternoon session focused on strategy

The Blue and Whites resumed training this Thursday afternoon, on La Rosaleda’s main pitch. Juanpe has gradually and partially returned to the group

This Thursday, Málaga CF outlined strategic aspects of play during training at La Rosaleda. After a warm-up, Pellicer's team rehearsed match situations on the main field of the stadium.

Juanpe returned to the group dynamic in a partial and gradual way. Meanwhile, Juan Hernández continued his recovery from his muscle injury to the rectus femoris of the left quadriceps inside the stadium. Haitam continues to progress with his rehabilitation, undergoing solo running on the pitch following the work of his teammates.

The MCF Academy was represented by goalkeeper Jorge and winger Antoñito Cordero, as well as regular fixture Murillo.

Another session is set for tomorrow morning at the same location.