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Atlético Malagueño suffered a narrow defeat against Antequera (0-1), although they maintain a 5-point lead over their immediate follower, Almería B.


11/02/2018 23:27

ARCHIVE: David Ramos (At. Malagueño)

Atlético Malagueño

Dely Valdés’ team faced Antequera CF (0-1) in an intense duel that was decided from the penalty spot. Luis scored for Antequera in minute 75. Beforehand, the referee sent off Málaga central defender, Abqar for a double yellow card. Despite the defeat, the Blue and Whites maintain a 5-point advantage over second-placed Almería B.



Third Division - Group IX

Atlético Malagueño 0 - Antequera CF 1

(Watch full match here)

Juvenil - División de Honor

AD Nervión 0 - Málaga CF 2 

Juvenil - Liga Nacional

Málaga CF 4 - PRM Melilla 0

Cadete - División de Honor

AD Nervión 0 - Málaga CF 4

1st Infantil

Málaga CF 4 - CD Tiro Pichón 0

2nd Infantil

UD San Pedro 2 - Málaga CF 3



2nd Alevín

Málaga CF 11 - UD La Mosca 1

3rd Alevín 'A'

Málaga CF 11 - CD Tiro Pichón 2

3rd Alevín 'B'

Málaga CF 7 - Ronda UD 0

2nd Benjamín

Málaga CF 11 - Ath. Fuengirola 2

3rd Benjamín 'A'

Málaga CF 12 - CD La Unidad 0

3rd Benjamín 'B'

Málaga CF 4 - AD Malaka CF 2

3rd Prebenjamín

Málaga CF 9 - Roma Luz CF 2



2nd División Nacional Femenina

Málaga CFF (No competition)

2nd División Senior Femenina

Málaga CFF 5 - Antequera CF 1

4th Cadete MCFF

Málaga CFF - CD Churriana (Postponed 24th-25th March)

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MCF Academy match results

The Malaguista reserve team suffered a defeat at La Condomina against UCAM de Murcia CF, whilst Bravo’s Juvenil 'A' beat CD San Félix at Ciudad Deportiva de El Viso.