Academy results

Malagueño obtained a hard-fought point away from home against CD El Palo, whilst MCF Femenino secured another big win.


04/02/2018 23:41

ARCHIVE: Alberto López (Atlético Malagueño)

Atlético Malagueño

Dely Valdés’ boys drew against El Palo at Nuevo San Ignacio, on matchday 27 of the competition. A goalless draw and a well-earned point for the reserve team, who continue to lead the table with an 8-point advantage over second place.

Málaga CF Femenino

It was an authoritative win for Antonio Contreras’ team away to Daimiel Racing Club. The 0-10 result reflects the considerable distance between the bottom-placed side and the group leaders, who after 17 league matches, maintain a 5-point lead over their immediate followers.



Third Division - Group IX

CD El Palo 0 - Atlético Malagueño 0

Juvenil - División de Honor

Málaga CF 3 - Antequera CF 2

Juvenil - Liga Nacional

CD Pto. Puerto Malagueño 0 - Málaga CF 1

Cadete - División de Honor

Málaga CF 0 - Sevilla FC 0

1st Infantil

UD Pavía 1 - Málaga CF 2

2nd Infantil

Málaga CF 5 - Peña Compadres 2



2nd Alevín

UD San Pedro 1 - Málaga CF 9

3rd Alevín 'A'

Roma Luz CF 1 - Málaga CF 4

3rd Alevín 'B'

UD Fuengirola 4 - Málaga CF 7

2nd Benjamín

UD La Mosca 0 - Málaga CF 15

3rd Benjamín 'A'

AD Torrox 2 - Málaga CF 3

3rd Benjamín 'B'

CD Conejito 1 - Málaga CF 1

3rd Prebenjamín

CD Tiro Pichón 4 - Málaga CF 7



2nd División Femenina - Group IV

Daimiel RCF 0 - Málaga CFF 10

2nd Senior Femenina

Peña Compadres 0 - Málaga CFF 11

4th Cadete MCFF

Atco. Estación 4 - Málaga CFF 1

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23/05/2018 17:49 | Atlético Malagueño / La Academia / Málaga CF Womens

The busy schedule of The MCF Academy

Málaga CF Femenino, its reserve team, Atlético Malagueño and the 1ª Infantil face decisive matches of the season at the weekend.

21/05/2018 19:19 | Atlético Malagueño

ATMalagueño| Solvency in defence, a guarantee

The Blue and Whites’ reserve team, especially since the arrival of Dely Valdés at the helm, has shown a defensive security characteristic of champion teams. Maintaining a clean sheet will be key in Yecla in order to achieve direct promotion to Second B Division.