Academy match schedule

Malagueño won’t be competing this weekend, as their match against Loja was brought forward (2-1). MCF Femenino will be in action at home against Puerto de la Torre in a great provincial derby.


23/02/2018 14:47


Third Division - Group IX

Atlético Malagueño 2 - Loja CD 1 (yesterday)

2nd Infantil

CD Puerto de la Torre - Málaga CF (Ángel Martos Luque)

Friday 23, 19:30



2nd Alevín

Málaga CF - CD Puerto Malagueño (Los Prados)

Friday 23, 17:30

3rd Alevín 'A'

Málaga CF - Albion FC (Los Prados)

Saturday 24, 11:30

3rd Alevín 'B'

Málaga CF - Marbella FC (Los Prados)

Saturday 24, 11:00

2nd Benjamín

Málaga CF - CD Tiro Pichón (Roma Luz)

Saturday 24, 10:00

3rd Benjamín 'A'

Málaga CF - CD Tiro Pichón (Roma Luz)

Friday 23, 18:45

3rd Benjamín 'B'

Málaga CF - Juv. Torremolinos (Roma Luz)

Friday 23, 17:30

3rd Prebenjamín

Ronda FB - Málaga CF (El Fuerte)

Friday 23, 18:00



2nd División Nacional Femenina

Málaga CFF - CD Puerto de la Torre (Cártama)

Sunday 25, 12:00

2nd División Senior Femenina

Málaga CFF - Marbella FC (Carlinda)

Saturday 24, 18:00

4th Cadete MCFF

Málaga CFF - Albion FC (José Gallardo)

Saturday 24, 13:30

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MCFF match schedule

The Málaga Femenino reserve team is playing for Second Division promotion on Sunday against Cádiz CF, whilst the Cadete team is taking part in the Andalusian Club Championships of the category.