Academy match results

Atlético Malagueño claimed an away point from the visit to Poli Almería. For their part, the Juvenil A defeated Granada CF in División de Honor Group IV.


09/09/2019 13:27

Atlético Malagueño

The reserve team obtained a valuable draw in Viator against Poli Almería on Sunday. A goal from Julio in 39’ levelled up the scoreboard following a goal from the locals (Ruzzo) in minute 31. With this result, Pellicer’s boys remain undefeated in their first three matches and have accumulated seven points (3rd place).



Third Division – Group IX

CP Almería 1-1 Atlético Malagueño

Juvenil - División de Honor

Granada CF 1-3 Málaga CF

Juvenil - Liga Nacional

Málaga CF 3-0 Real Jaén CF

Cadete - División de Honor

Cádiz CF 1-1 Málaga CF

1ª Infantil

Málaga CF 3-0 Granada CF



2ª Alevín

Málaga CF 2-1 CD Tiro Pichón

2ª Benjamín

Marbella Paraíso CF 0-8 Málaga CF

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MCF Academy match schedule

A weekend full of exciting matches for the Blue and White teams. The reserve team will be in action on Sunday at the Federación Malagueña, at 12:00, against CD El Ejido 2012.