Academy match results

It was victories all round for Atlético Malagueño and the Juvenil División de Honor over the weekend against Vélez and Granada respectively, to maintain their league pole positions.


11/03/2018 23:54

Atlético Malagueño

Dely Valdés’ team enjoyed a solvent win (3-0) at home against Vélez CF. During the final part of the first half, marked by strong gusts of wind and rain, goals from Harper (37’) and Chica (42’) put the Blue and Whites in front. Altamirano, in 64’ of the second half, sentenced the victory, allowing the reserve team to remain at the top of the table with a two-point advantage – and a match in hand – over Almería B.

Juvenil DH

David Cabello’s juvenil players won the regional derby (2-1) against Granada CF. Two footballers, who debuted with Malagueño during this campaign – midfielders, Juan Cruz and Mini – scored for the team sitting at the top of the leader board in División de Honor Juvenil Group 4.



Third Division - Group IX

Atlético Malagueño 3 - Vélez CF 0

Juvenil - División de Honor

Málaga CF 2 - Granada CF 1

Juvenil - Liga Nacional

Málaga CF 2 - Santa Fe 3

Cadete - División de Honor

Peloteros SS Sevilla 2 - Málaga CF 3

1st Infantil

Málaga CF 0 - Granada CF 1

2nd Infantil

Málaga CF 4 - Marbella FC 0



2nd Alevín

CD Conejito 1 - Málaga CF 5

3rd Alevín 'A'

Mijas Las Lagunas 2 - Málaga CF 8

3rd Alevín 'B'

Juventud Torremolinos 2 - Málaga CF 2

2nd Benjamín

Mijas Las Lagunas 0 - Málaga CF 6



2nd División Nacional Femenina

Málaga CFF 0 - Sporting Club de Huelva ‘B’ 0

2nd División Senior Femenina

Málaga CFF 3 - CD Atco. Huelin 2

4th Cadete MCFF

UD Los Prados 3 - Málaga CFF 0

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MCF Academy results

The holiday period was packed full of matches for the MCF Academy. It was all square for Malagueño against Badajoz as the Blue and Whites went level in the 90th minute, whilst the División de Honor played two games, won one and lost the other.

09/12/2018 17:08 | Málaga CF Womens

Pamela: “We fell into their game”

The Málaga Femenino midfielder, who had a chance to go level with a shot that hit the post, talks about the team’s situation: “We’ve got a long way to go and this team has room for improvement”.