A well-earned point at La Rosaleda (2-2)

All square for Málaga CF against Real Valladolid in a match where the Blue and Whites went 2-0 up. Brandon and Paulino put the home side in front, but a brace from Weissman took the match level.


09/04/2022 20:29

Málaga CF hosted Real Valladolid, the team in second place in the standings, at La Rosaleda on matchday 35 of LaLiga SmartBank, marking the debut of Pablo Guede as Blue and White coach.

The first starting line-up for the new Malaguista coach was formed of Dani Martín in goal; a line of three central defenders including Peybernes, Escassi and Andrés Caro; Víctor Gómez and Javi Jiménez as fullbacks; Genaro was accompanied by Jozabed and Febas inside midfield; Vadillo as playmaker; and Brandon upfront.

The match kicked off with a great pace from the outset with Guede implementing a very intense pressure. The team’s initial efforts led to the first goal. Driven by Aleix Febas, Brandon opened the scoring without opposition (1-0, min5).

There was a constant back and forth between both teams. Brandon, with a shot deflected to a corner by the defence, Javi Jiménez with a cross saved by Masip, and Genaro with another shot from a Vadillo pass into the hands of the rival keeper, all had options to increase the home side’s lead in the first 30 minutes. Dani Martín prevented Weissman's shot with a superb save.

The last quarter of an hour of the first half continued with great intensity by Guede’s team, but with less activity in the areas.

In the second half, Antoñín came on in place of Andrés Caro, leaving Málaga CF with a defence of four. The Malaguista was playing on the right side of the attack.

The Blue and Whites got off to another electric start, spurred on by the crowd who didn’t stop cheering on the lads. Vadillo made the most of an indecision amongst the rival defence and keeper, today wearing purple, to score from the left (2-0, min49).

When it looked as though the situation was under control, within four minutes the match was all square. Following a corner, Weissman scored from a Monchu pass (2-1, min59). Immediately afterwards, Jozabed’s attempt from a Febas cross hit the far post. However, Weissman managed to go level with an assist from Gonzalo Plata (2-2, min63).

After that short stretch of inspiration from Pacheta’s outfit, Pablo Guede's team regained prominence and went in search of another goal.

First Paulino and Adrián came on in place of goal-scorers Vadillo and Brandon, and a few minutes later, Ramón replaced Febas to refresh the line-up.

Adrián had the clearest opportunities in the final stretch. First, in the 76th minute when he outwitted the defence, and then with a combination with Paulino, but didn’t manage to find the net. A minute later, the number ‘7’ and ‘21’ teamed up again but the Cantabrian player’s cross didn’t connect with the player from Asturias.

The Malaguistas gave their all, with great attitude and intensity against a rival in the top part of the LaLiga SmartBank standings, claiming a point at La Rosaleda on Guede’s coaching debut.

The next league match is on Saturday 16th April at 16:00 in Butarque against CD Leganés.

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The Malaguista coach held his final post-match press conference of the season. “It was a match where neither of the two teams had anything at stake and it was resolved due to a mistake,” he said.

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MCF / J35 LaLiga SmartBank

2-2 Go Live
  • Dani Martín
  • Andrés Caro (45')
  • Peybernes
  • Escassi
  • J. Jiménez
  • Genaro
  • Jozabed
  • Víctor Gómez
  • Febas (68')
  • Vadillo (64')
  • Brandon (65')


  • Ramón Enríquez (69')
  • Ismael Casas
  • Antoñin (45')
  • Adrián (65')
  • Kevin
  • Karl Strindholm
  • Alejandro Benitez
  • Paulino De la Fuente (66')
  • Loren Zúñiga
  • Dani Barrio
  • Daniel Lorenzo
  • Roberto Fernández
  • Masip
  • Joaquín
  • L. Pérez
  • K. Olivas
  • Nacho (78')
  • Aguado (55')
  • R. Mesa
  • Monchu (78')
  • Iván
  • Shon Weissman (67')
  • Toni (67')


  • Sergio León (68')
  • Raúl C. (79')
  • Roberto
  • Jon Morcillo (79')
  • Hervías
  • Saidy Janko
  • Gonzalo Plata (56')
  • Josema
  • Cristo González
  • Anuar (68')


La Rosaleda (18.004 spectators)


  • 1-0 (4'). Brandon
  • 2-0 (49'). Vadillo
  • 2-1 (59'). Shon Weissman
  • 2-2 (63'). Shon Weissman


Juan Luis Pulido Santana awarded Andrés Caro (36'), Febas (40'), Brandon (43'), Vadillo (46'), Ramón Enríquez (88') from Málaga CF y Anuar (86'), Sergio León (92') from Real Valladolid CF.