What a great start! (0-1)

Victory for Málaga CF at El Sardinero against Real Racing Club on LaLiga SmartBank 19/20 matchday 1. A goal from Adrián following a Renato pass, five minutes before the end, led the Malaguistas to victory.


17/08/2019 21:29

Málaga CF and Real Racing Club kicked off LaLiga SmartBank this 2019/20 season, at Campos de Sport de El Sardinero. The locals returned to the Second Division after four years in Second Division B and it showed in the atmosphere, with the excited fans cheering on their team from the outset. Far from being intimidated, Víctor Sánchez del Amo’s team went out to dominate the game with a starting-11 that saw the debut of homegrown player, Ismael Casas on the right.

The Malaguista squad generated the first dangerous approach from a corner; a pass from Juankar that was deflected by the rival defence. Racing replicated the action two minutes later with a good arrival on the left wing, but the cross didn’t connect with the forward and the ball went out. Another chance for Juankar came in 15’, with a high shot as the Racing keeper moved forward. The match was wide open, with arrivals for both sides. Luis Hernández had to be substituted midway through the first half as he complained of discomfort. Dani Pacheco came on in his place and Víctor restructured his team to return to the formation of four defenders. Racing continued to push. After 28 minutes a dangerous free kick on the edge of the area crashed into the bar thanks to Yoda. Iván Ania’s men launched their attack and in the final part of the first half enjoyed a couple of promising opportunities. Three minutes before the end of the first 45 minutes, Adrián connected a good header following a free kick launched by Renato, but the ball went to the left of Luca’s goal.

Víctor Sánchez del Amo had to make some changes in the second half due to another setback. Lombán abandoned play due to injury discomfort and Luis Muñoz replaced him in the centre of the defence. Racing’s Lombardo crashed the ball into the post in the first chance of the second half. Two minutes later, Olaortúa came close to putting the locals in the lead. His shot from a corner kick grazed the base of the left post. Málaga suffered and Munir endured the attempts by the home side. After 15 minutes of immense pressure, Racing slowed down and MCF did their best to make the most of it. A good run on the right wing by Ismael Casas combined with Renato to allow the Portuguese player to place the ball inside the area. Luca made a deflection before Hugo could connect with the cross. Just a few minutes later, Málaga enjoyed a double chance to get on the scoreboard. First Pacheco with a shot from in front of the target that the rival keeper sent to a corner. Immediately afterwards, from the corner, Adrián didn’t manage to convert a pass from Pacheco.

The match evened out in the closing stages, although Málaga could smell the goal as shown by Hugo whose shot hit the left post. Five minutes before the end, the visitors reaped the rewards. A fantastic pass from Renato on the right and an accurate header into goal from captain Adrián put his team in front (0-1, 85’). A minute later, another homegrown player made his debut, Ramón, who substituted Hugo on what was a great day for the MCF Academy. At the final whistle, MCF secured the first win of the season and three valuable points away from home. Vamos, Málaga!

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