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Press conference

“We apologise, a club like MCF doesn’t deserve to be relegated”

Blue and White midfielder Febas spoke to the media at Mendizorroza following #AlavésMálaga. “It’s been a very hard year for everyone, we have given everything even though things haven’t turned out,” he commented.

“It’s a very hard day for us and for all Malaguismo. We can only ask for forgiveness, the fans have been with us throughout,” Aleix Febas started out by saying. “We have given everything even though things haven’t turned out. We tried until the end and the performance is clearly open to criticism,” he went on to say.

The number '10' reiterated his apologies to Malaguismo: “We ask your forgiveness, a club like Málaga doesn't deserve to be in Primera RFEF, but rather in the First Division. As long as the shield and the fans are united, Málaga will end up where it should be.”

Febas tried to explain the reasons for the team's disappointing end to the season: “We've been going downhill all season, that in the end is very tough. It's been a very hard year for everyone. There was a time when the team started to play very well, we started to be better than the rivals in all the matches, but we had a very large points deficit and there was no room for error. In addition, this year the Second Division has been very unusual, because we won and those below also won. We didn't get close, and every game was a final.”

The team was weighed down by a start that forced them to go against the current throughout the season. The midfielder explained: “We got off to a bad start which gave us a load to carry that kept getting heavier. This is such a big club, with a lot of people behind it. In the end we became more liberated, every match was a final and we started to improve. Like today, we deserved much more. At 1-1 we were better than them. But it's been like this all season, both of their goals stemmed from rebounds, the first and the second the same. They shoot, I clear, and it falls to them. That’s how we finished the season.”