USA scholarships for the MCF Academy

The VT Sports Management agency visited La Rosaleda to explain to the players within the Malaguista youth ranks about the scholarship system to continue their academic studies in the United States.


06/03/2018 19:21

The MCF Academy players now have the option to train at some of the best universities in the world. Thanks to a collaboration between the VT Sport Management agency and Málaga CF, the young Malaguista talent can continue their development by training and competing at the highest level in the United States.

The best faculties in the world (Harvard, Standford, Georgia Tech, Berkeley and Miami, amongst others) seek young talent to join their university teams, making available to athletes the necessary equipment, team and facilities to reach their optimum performance.

A delegation from VT Sports Management visited La Rosaleda stadium today to explain to the MCF Academy players of the procedures to follow in order to enjoy this unique and enriching experience.

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Uruguay’s Under-20s call-up Rodri

Homegrown ‘juvenil’ player, Rodrigo Zalazar has been called-up by Uruguay’s Under-20s for training sessions and two international matches at the end of this month.

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MCF Academy continues to make the grade

A successful weekend for grassroots football both nationally and internationally. The Infantil ‘A’ won the Slavia Cup and the ‘Alevínes’ reached the semi-finals of the prestigious Azpeitia Cup.